Latticesphere Records is an independent organization committed to promoting the best of independent rock music. We carefully screen submissions and only sell professional grade rock music and merchandise. This way you don't have to spend hours searching through basement recordings. There are dozens of free promotional mp3 files available through out the site. These files are the complete high resolution song and not partial mp3s. Download them for private use and share them with your friends. There are also sample mp3s to check out CD content. For select artists, you can purchase shirts, hats and other gear.

A major part of our work is done on the outside by sponsoring shows and sharing promotional opportunities in the midwest region. We are heavily involved with grass roots promotions through area venues, radio, cable, businesses and special events. Don't forget to bookmark us to keep an up to date listing of shows. We will also be adding new material on a regular basis. Independent musicians wishing to submit material for evaluation, send your press kit to the address listed below. If you think our cause is a good one then show your support by telling others about the site, purchasing music or merchandise, or attending the concerts.

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