Gary Lee is an accomplished singer songwriter performing in the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area for over 35 years. Always a fan favorite, Gary brings fun and joy into well-loved oldies music, and writes & performs exciting, original songs.

He currently performs solo, with The Kwiklees, and Two Souls.

In years past, Gary has worked in The Echoes, Abbey Road, and Jasmine & Tristand.

Looking for Local and National record distribution, as well as Live Venues.

A tried and true product of the 1960s pre British invasion and beyond, Gary Lee has been catching the attention of many listeners, not only with his strong Beatle-esque qualities, but also his collection of too-many-to-mention original songs.  He began composing in the late 1960s and continues writing and performing daily.

Recently reflecting on his long musical career, Gary stated, “There has not been one full week when I haven’t played guitar or did some form of music, since the late 1960s.”  The point clearly made is that Gary plays music with a true zest-for-life, and a youthful enthusiasm for providing his listeners with a TRULY enjoyable musical experience, that is a memorable one which people enjoy returning to time and again.

In addition to performing good old rock and roll, Gary has been playing music at an inner-city Catholic Church in Cleveland since 1985.

To quote Gary, “OH, and remember… Music Is Fun!”





I Wanna Move
I Write Your Name