The band Lotus Position is from Toronto, Canada. This band has performed in Buffalo, New York and Cleveland, Ohio and is planning a tour of the states this summer.  Lotus Position has a unique sound, blending many styles heard in today’s alternative music scene. They are radio friendly with influences ranging from Our Lady Peace, Porno for Pyros, Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam as well as including exciting elements of Hip Hop, elevating Lotus Position into the arena of today’s most popular acts.  


Lotus Position spent the last several months workin in recording studios as well as producing an independent video for the new single “Gimmie Gimmie”.  Today’s focus is primarily songwriting and strong live performances.  Lotus Position is a five piece band, which includes the following individuals:


Ian - Lead vocals and guitar

Steve - Guitars and vocals

Travis - Bass

Edward - Drums

Charlie - Percussion and vocals

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Gimmie Gimmie
Fuss & Fight
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