Prism Theory is a heavy rock band that likes to take their listeners on an emotional ride, one that enables those listeners to feel what mood the band is conveying with each song.  There are driving guitars and thundering rhythms that back lead vocalist Chris Imlay’s dark and soulful melodies.  Add some soaring vocal harmonies and you’ve  got a sound that is so powerful as it is unique. “Our vision is to create music in the same way that a prism separates white light into the entire spectrum,” says Imlay.  “The same way that blue can make you feel melancholy, or red can symbolize angry emotions, but when put together you get one whole unit.  


Together as a band since 2001, Prism Theory most closely resembles modern alternative rockers such as Sevendust, Pantera and Korn. Since releasing In the Wake of a Dream in 2003, they have secured regional distribution in 40 TransWorld-owned FYE stores, and have performed live and signed autographs at 12 of those stores all over Ohio.  Prism Theory has been on WDUB’s Top 100, was a finalist in contests on WMMS 100.7 and 92.3 Xtreme Radio and have shared the stage with national acts such as Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Greenwheel, Planet X, Flaw, Beautiful Creatures, 8 Stops 7 and My Own Victim.


Prism Theory has also garnered significant critical acclaim in heavy rock circles nationwide. Armed with their distribution deal and new media campaign, Latticesphere Records continues to penetrate new markets for Prism Theory beyond Northern and Central Ohio. The NACA showcase is the first step, and attendees will not want to miss the set of this powerful band.

“The guitars are heavy and grinding, the kick drum is brain bruising like a woodpecker finding a home on your forehead, the bass is tight, and the vocals...well, the vocals are so accurate and undeniably inviting you almost feel like you know this guy. That’s how this album catches you.  You forget that you’re listening to a band and feel more like you’re remembering a great dream.  And I’ve had some damn good dreams…” -

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