Lou Koscis - Guitar

Stefan Kosik - Vocals

Lucian Ion - Bass

Stephen Halse - Percussion

If you want potent music with a trademark sound, the Psykaos is what you’ve been looking for! A traditional metallic framework coupled with artful, hypnotic grooves produces the trademark sound of Psykaos.  The four outstanding members of Psykaos fused their diverse backgrounds to created hybrid heavy metal/hard rock music with powerful vocal melodies. High tension riffs in tunes like “My Mindfield Tunnel” and “Tearing at the Black” feed what metalheads need a dose of, while songs like “The Taking Away” and “God’s Own Sound” reflect the mysterious melodic side of Psykaos.  The ETHER EP has six titles specially selected from the original ETHER album.  These songs are the very best from the album - no crummy filler songs, just grade-A high octane ETHER in it’s purest form.

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Gods Own Sound
My Mindfield Tunnel
The Taking Away