Norse Law

Norselaw is one of the most cutting edge and elite guitar player/vocalist/songwriting triple threats in heavy metal today. Featuring a rhythm section which go by the pseudo names "Theon Greyjoy" (Bass) and "Jaime Lannister" (Drums) a solid core of musicians have teamed in order to create some of the most creative and well written compositions in recent time. Norselaw's guitar virtuosity combined with his dynamic and varied vocal attack creates unparalleled energy and excitement within the context of well written songs which have sacrificed nothing in order to exemplify the vocal and guitar playing savagery he demonstrates.


Lou Koscis - Guitar

Stefan Kosik - Vocals

Lucian Ion - Bass

Stephen Halse - Percussion

If you want potent music with a trademark sound, the Psykaos is what you’ve been looking for! A traditional metallic framework coupled with artful, hypnotic grooves produces the trademark sound of Psykaos.  The four outstanding members of Psykaos fused their diverse backgrounds to created hybrid heavy metal/hard rock music with powerful vocal melodies. High tension riffs in tunes like “My Mindfield Tunnel” and “Tearing at the Black” feed what metalheads need a dose of, while songs like “The Taking Away” and “God’s Own Sound” reflect the mysterious melodic side of Psykaos.  The ETHER EP has six titles specially selected from the original ETHER album.  These songs are the very best from the album - no crummy filler songs, just grade-A high octane ETHER in it’s purest form.


Shirt is:


Keith Hammrick - Bass Guitar

Todd Deason - Lead Vocals and Guitars

Mike Hetherington - Percussion

Todd Gatchel - Guitar


Shirt, established in West Palm Beach, Florida in June 1997 and relocated to Ravenna, Ohio in 1998, is becoming the hottest independent metal band in the Midwest regional area. Following their debut album BATTERIES AND BISCUITS, their latest release ANTHEM OF DESTRUCTION is revolutionizing the independent metal scene. Shirt has opened for numerous nationally recognized acts such as Motley Crue, Anthrax, Megadeth and regional acts such as Mushroomhead.  In the summer of 2000, at the Blossom Music Center in Akron, Ohio, they performed in front of an audience of 15,000.  Shirt tours regularly and has performed in many area hotspots in Pennsylvania and Ohio - too many to list. Shirt has experienced airplay on numerous radio stations as well.  Latticesphere & Shirt have major tour dates and promotion planned for the year 2001. This CD is a must to stock for stores supporting the best in independent music.  


Influences include Korn, Tool, Rage Against The Machine and Deftones.

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