Lightning Tree

Lightning Tree is:

Stefan Kosik - Vocals
George Radmilovic - Bass
Daniel Maciejewski - Keyboards & Synthesizers
Jonel Mandres - Guitar
Dorian Dimitrov - Percussion

Lightning Tree is an all original rock band which combines progressive, blues, classical and even hard rock styles to form diverse songs that share a core of talented musicianship. Start to finish; listeners get top quality recording and meticulous production from Lightning Tree. Treat your year to overflowing innovation and new discoveries with every listen. Influences include Ozzy, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, King Crimson, Aerosmith, Queensryche and numerous other styles.  No two songs on the album are alike - see for yourself.

Morticia's Chair

Cleveland-based band Morticia's Chair evolved out of a series of musical experiments hosted by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Mark Kae as he was casting about for a new avenue of musical expression following the breakup of the band Screwtractor. Originally conceived as a fluid vehicle for his diverse artistic tastes and talents, Morticia’s Chair eventually coalesced into its current lineup, featuring Kae, drummer Michael J. Graehling who played with bands like Whatts Gnu, and The Bad Checks, guitarist Jesse Kramer, who spent time in industrial metal band Dread and his own project Loophole, and Frank Prpic, also of Center for Rock Research and formerly with bands such as Nameless Desire, the Tools and ADM, in which he also played with Mark Kae.

During the five years that Screwtractor was together, recording for MCA and touring the country with their powerful, dramatic music that blended metal, gothic and industrial influences, Kae was also developing a personal musical vision. When Screwtractor broke up in 1995, Kae started to work on that vision in his practice space, adding and subtracting other musicians based on their ability to relate what he was trying to do.

Morticia’s Chair’s debut CD, Maggie’s Carriage, released in 1998, laid out that vision and captured much of what the band continues to be about. It was both cynical and deeply romantic, pessimistic yet tenacious, laced with dark humor and a dash of mischief. It combined the dark, foreboding textures of Goth with the warmer ones of folk, marrying soaring melodies with evocative, even mystical lyrics that drew on Kae’s background in visual arts.

The band’s second album, Echolocator, released in 2000, featured more psychedelic keyboards and heavier guitars as well as more ambient electronic textures that used the recording studio as an instrument. The track “Paranoid Strain" attracted attention on college radio and on the web as an MP3 download. Always evolving, the band continues to expand sonically, adding Americana and world-music influences to its already fertile mix of sounds. It completed its 3rd album, Beautiful Monsters in 2006.

In 2010 Morticia’s Chair released its 4th studio album titled Trampled by a Muse. It is the band’s most diverse to date. This self-produced, 11 song disc features the paintings of artist Jaymi Zents. Morticia’s Chair has played steadily around the Cleveland area, at such venues as the Agora, the Odeon, the Hi-Fi Club, Pat’s in the Flats, Edisons, the Phantasy, the Barking Spider, Beachland Ballroom and the Winchester, accompanying bands of many different styles and genres.


Composed of Russ Pasquale (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Sean Samson (percussion, vocals), and Adam Marra (lead guitar), Dave Warner (bass guitar) this trio has combined their musical craftsmanship to form Snack-N-Cakes, with a blend of Alternative Rock to pure hard-driven Rock 'n Roll. Formed in 1999, SNC members have been around the Midwest music scene playing in other bands, traveling and opening for national touring acts in other markets for years. If the name alone doesn't grab your attention, then perhaps their jumpsuits will, with their names embroidered on the chest, along with the SNC logo on their backs, as if they are deliverymen transporting a very special mother load. But where did their ear-catching name from? "We are making a statement about the prepackaging of rock bands as single-wrapped fruit pies of Twinkies you find by the cash register at the neighborhood Seven-Eleven store," quips Pasquale. "Snack N Cakes is not a product; but food for thought, disguised as innocent, colorful empty calorie munchies...the garbage your mom always told you would rot your teeth." Their serious approach to Rock is laced with tongue-in-check humor. "The audience is starving for Rock, they come to see us with an insatiable appetite. When we see audiences devouring our stuff, then we've done our job", says Pasquale. The album "Taste the Difference" is a feeding-frenzy of original songs that musically and visually fit into today's market. Take a bite!

Snack-n-Cakes full length, 2002 release, "Taste the Difference" contains 10 radio-ready hits. This CD will be supported with a full blown, radio-airplay campaign as well as a Midwestern Tour. Pre-release evaluation of "Taste the Difference" rates this album very high among Latticesphere Artists.

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