Rare Blend's "Infinity" is a 9-song collection with a mixed bag of elements. Some tracks emphasize jazz grooves with a Latin touch, while others features progressive twists with improvised instrumentation. It's contents are suggestive of the band's name; the raw energy of one side and the abstract melodic movements of the other. A very well performed album and is a great find for the avid jazz / rock fan. RB brings an exciting wide array of styles that you wouldn't normally associate with a fusion band. If your looking for something that isn't your standard run-of-the-mill, overproduced musical experience, check out Rare Blend's "Infinity".


  1. Z'hadum
  2. Funky Ovulation Shuffle
  3. Twice Upon A Time
  4. Cool Days Hot Nights
  5. Kitchen Cinque
  6. Blue Diamond
  7. Chickee Babe
  8. Blue Samba
  9. Java Jam


Vic Samalot -Guitars
Bobbi Holt -Keyboards
Jeff Scott -Bass
Paul Stranahan -Drums & Percussion

Sax track on "Java Jam" courtesy of Tom Doggett

Written by Rare Blend. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Vic Samalot & Bobbi Holt. Add'l engineering by Jeff Scott. Recorded at Act-V and Odyssey studios in Cleveland, Ohio USA.