This disc continues the Rare Blend adventure of exploring different textures of musical genre. From the Spanish groove of "Catemaco," to the Middle Eastern feel of "Belly Dancer," to the tribal rhythms of "Fifty Thousand Years."


Its contents are suggestive of the band's name; the raw energy of one side and the abstract melodic movements of the other. Rare Blend brings an exciting wide array of styles that you wouldn't normally associate with a fusion band. Evolution Theory stands out as one of Rare Blend's finest efforts to date.

  1. Little Mean Baby
  2. Lost 7/8
  3. Catemaco
  4. Belly Dancer
  5. Chillin'
  6. Techno Jam
  7. Apochromatic Wanderings
  8. Fifty Thousand Years
  9. Rod's Migraine
  10. So Cool


Vic Samalot -Electric & Acoustic Guitars, percussion on
"Fifty Thousand Years".
Bobbi Holt -Keyboards, Vocals. Didgeridoo on "Fifty Thousand Years". 2nd Guitar on "Rod's Migraine"
Jeff Scott - Fretted & fretless bass
Paul Stranahan -Drums & Percussion
Kip Reed -Bass (Techno Jam & So Cool)

Written by Rare Blend. Produced by Vic Samalot & Bobbi Holt / TSM Productions. Recorded at 3rd Ear Studios in Berea, Ohio USA. Engineered by Kirt Tischer. Mastered at A to Z Audio / Cleveland, OH USA. Art layout by VP Graphics. Cover art by Ursula Vernon (C) 2000