Lightning Tree is an all original rock band which combines progressive, blues, classical and even hard rock styles to form diverse songs that share a core of talented musicianship. Start to finish; listeners get top quality recording and meticulous production from Lightning Tree. Treat your year to overflowing innovation and new discoveries with every listen. Influences include Ozzy, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, King Crimson, Aerosmith, Queensryche and numerous other styles.  No two songs on the album are alike - see for yourself.


Lightning Tree is:

Stefan Kosik - Vocals
George Radmilovic - Bass
Daniel Maciejewski - Keyboards & Synthesizers
Jonel Mandres - Guitar
Dorian Dimitrov - Percussion

1. Supernatural
2. Tension
3. Early Enchantment
4. Time Helix
5. The Hourglass
6. Angel of Fire
7. I'm A New Man
8. Parma Tango
9. A Precious Gift
10. Get A Ride
11. Metal Chimes