Mark Kmit has immersed himself in classic and contemporary orchestral music, the folk songs of Russia and Eastern Europe, motion picture soundtracks and various world and ethnic sources, from which his oeuvre approaches a more universal point of view.  His work has evolved to a point where he straddles the worlds of ‘serious’ and academic music, and rock and popular idioms.

He continues to pursue a synthesis of the discipline of classical, the exoticism of world, the modalities of ethnic, the atmosphere and textures of film scores, and the exuberance of rock. 

He has received commissions from Morrison Dance, Kapoot Klown Theatre, Opus Mime and Ground Zero Movement Theatre, and composed the score for ‘The Archeologist’, a pilot cable program in conjunction with the Archeology department at the University of Michigan.  

In addition, he is a corporeal mime, artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher. He studied mime with France’s Marcel Marceu, Poland’s Stefan Niedzialkowski, and at America’s Goldston and Johnson School for Mimes.  He was the co-founder and musical director of Ground Zero Movement Theatre and currently dances in Morrison Dance (USA).

1. Hurrah! For The Lost Paladins
2. Esperanto
3. 'To Ride Pegasus...'
4. Yuruichi
5. Berceuse (For Jessica)
6. DragonsDance
7. Progress
8. Dancing On The Faultline
9. Rodina