Norselaw is one of the most cutting edge and elite guitar player/vocalist/songwriting triple threats in heavy metal today. Featuring a rhythm section which go by the pseudo names "Theon Greyjoy" (Bass) and "Jaime Lannister" (Drums) a solid core of musicians have teamed in order to create some of the most creative and well written compositions in recent time. Norselaw's guitar virtuosity combined with his dynamic and varied vocal attack creates unparalleled energy and excitement within the context of well written songs which have sacrificed nothing in order to exemplify the vocal and guitar playing savagery he demonstrates.


1. Love Power
2. Sweet Home Scandanavia
3. Euronymous Varg
4. Conquering The Throne
5. Myths Of Midgard
6. Viking Rap
7. Heeding The Call
8. Rheingold Pt. 1 (In Der Ring Des)
9. The Hammerfall
10. Battle Flames
11. All Aboard The Drakkar
12. Blood Triumph