Composed of Russ Pasquale (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Sean Samson (percussion, vocals), and Adam Marra (lead guitar), Dave Warner (bass guitar) this trio has combined their musical craftsmanship to form Snack-N-Cakes, with a blend of Alternative Rock to pure hard-driven Rock 'n Roll. Formed in 1999, SNC members have been around the Midwest music scene playing in other bands, traveling and opening for national touring acts in other markets for years. If the name alone doesn't grab your attention, then perhaps their jumpsuits will, with their names embroidered on the chest, along with the SNC logo on their backs, as if they are deliverymen transporting a very special mother load. But where did their ear-catching name from?

"We are making a statement about the prepackaging of rock bands as single-wrapped fruit pies of Twinkies you find by the cash register at the neighborhood Seven-Eleven store," quips Pasquale. "Snack N Cakes is not a product; but food for thought, disguised as innocent, colorful empty calorie munchies...the garbage your mom always told you would rot your teeth." Their serious approach to Rock is laced with tongue-in-check humor. "The audience is starving for Rock, they come to see us with an insatiable appetite. When we see audiences devouring our stuff, then we've done our job", says Pasquale. The album "Taste the Difference" is a feeding-frenzy of original songs that musically and visually fit into today's market. Take a bite!

Snack-n-Cakes full length, 2002 release, "Taste the Difference" contains 10 radio-ready hits. This CD will be supported with a full blown, radio-airplay campaign as well as a Midwestern Tour. Pre-release evaluation of "Taste the Difference" rates this album very high among Latticesphere Artists.

1. All We Are
2. Radio Revolution
3. Ted
4. Cryings Over
5. American Girl
6. Mystery
7. Promises
8. On Wings
9. DOA
10. Battle Cry